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Es shifting problem

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Hi there. I'm new to the forum and new to atv's in general. I just had a couple questions for anyone with experience. I have a 2013 foreman 500 with Es. It stopped shifting entirely and was stuck in first gear. Fresh oil, battery seems good. We took it to a mechanic and he cleaned the shift motor. Now it shifts but flashes a bar between gears and sometimes I have to try 3 times before it will up or downshift between 2, 3,4 or 5 gear. The gear no longer flashes, just a bar. Could it be the angle sensor or? I'd appreciate any feedback.
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He said the shift motor was fine just dirty. When I took it to him the gear it was stuck in would flash once slow, twice fast. That's gone but now it just won't shift reliably and it flashes that flat bar.
Thank you!
That's a good point about the buttons. It's frustrating when you can't pinpoint easily
Thank you!
So thanks for all your input! We took apart the shift motor and cleaned the surfaces with solvent ( there was some black carbon build up.. It made a funny ' schwing' sound as if something released as we unbolted it. We also replaced the battery. It shifted great about 10 times and is now flashing a flat bar and then changes to a code 22. Stuck in 3rd gear. I'm about done with Es at this point. Maybe there's something more serious wrong than just electrical? Angle sensor next and we'll see. I'll post whenever I get to the bottom of it.
Hmmmmm- " for sale best offer" ?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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