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ES shift 2004

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i got a made in japan motor, after the last shift motor failed, made in tiawan. i contributed to the 2nd failure by not replacing o-ring/rubber gaskets on 2nd motor. now, i am not getting any power to the new motor. the shift buttons have continuity. What supplies power to the shift motor? the shifter buttons were getting worst, as far as pushing in, with limited or no response, with the last shift motor. i think i may have burned out something, because of two motor failures.
how does the power/signal get to the shift buttons on the handle bar? somewhere, something is not making up. //Ed
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shifting an batterys

I had to replace my handlebar shift control last year. Two years Before that I had to replace the ECM angle sensor and shift motor. It was working flawlessly now four years later I think the battery needs replaced
my atv is 2000es, not 2004. i haven't rode it for many months, because of the shifting problem, and i finally am up to fixing it. i got my atv in 2008, the battery that came with it lasted bout 6yrs. the replacement battery was a MOTO gel pack. i ragged the battery because i thought it konked out on me, but it is still going strong. i have let the atv sit, because.....,, yet, even after a few months, it still fires up the atv,, and the battery shows a good charge, before hand. there are some good batteries out there. i plan on getting a battery keeper, to let this battery hang on.
my shifting buttons, have good continuity. i have a problem elsewhere. Oh What Fun,, finding that. a good thing this site is here. //Ed
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