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I have had es issues with shifting before and figured out that there are three main variables (thumb assembly, shift stepper motor and the shift angle sensor) yesterday my quad acted up for the first time in roughly 3 months, it wouldn’t shift then it would only upshift so I checked the thumb assembly, no water in it or in the connectors, next I moved to the stepper motor, no water in the connector, so I pulled the motor apart, seal was good on it, no water or anything inside it, so I cleaned the field magnets just because and cleaned everything inside it, still no change on the issue so I moved over to the shift angle sensor no water in the connector, seal was still good on it so I pulled it off and cleaned it with alcohol and o change yet again, so I went and bought a new sas and it worked! But... not even three minutes later the shift issue was back again, is there something else I should check? I’m kind of clueless this time unless the thumb assembly is going bad or the stepper motor? When it shifts it shifts great and when it doesn’t there isn’t even a sound
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