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Epoxy to repair plastics ???

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Anyone ever use a 5 minute epoxy to repair their plastics? I have a couple cracks on my plastics and was thinking of trying it out. Epoxy is usually some pretty strong stuff.
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Repair plastic

I have an older honda ct90 that had cracked plastic body work. I fixed it by removing the part and cleaning the back (inside) surface with laquer thinner (acetone also works) sanding the back with 80 grit sand paper to rough the surface and give it (tooth) I then used whitewater (flexible) polyester resin although 2 part epoxy will also work as it has better adhesion, to make a patch. The way to make a patch is to cut a piece of fiberglass cloth to cover the break about 1 inch bigger than the break all the way around. Cut a second piece a half inch or so bigger than the first. Mix your resin and smear it around the break larger than the largest reinforcement. Stick on the small reinforcement add some more resin to make sure the cloth is saturated. Stick on the larger reinforcement add resin. Take a piece of saran wrap and smooth it over the patch to distribute the resin and smooth everything up. the repair should last you very good. Oh ya one more thing before starting with the resin stick some scotch tape over the crack on the (good) side to keep the resin off the finished surface.
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