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Engine oil problems

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Went to change the oil on an atv that hasn't been ran in a really long time after checking the starter and compression that seemed fine. The oil is so thick only a little come out and I can see down on there it is thick and pasty. Can you clean it out without taking everything apart? I'm down to frame and motor. Carb is off but I'm unfamiliar with the insides of a small engine.
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does it have a oil pan plug if so take that and take it out and let it drain
he didn't ask how to drain the oil ?, or course it has a drain bolt, ALL HONDA ATVS HAVE THEM !..LOL. he's asking how he can get by without tearing it apart, and cleaning it out the right way. which is what should be done just like mrb ^^^ said. don't have azz it, do it right one time, be done with it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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