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Engine Oil Capacity 1986 Fourtrax 350

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Changing engine oil in a mint 1986 Fourtrax 350. Does anybody have the capacity? The ol pan over flowed while draining it so I think it holds alot more than my 1994 TRX300FW.
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Thanks just put 2 qts plus 10 ounces. PERFECT. This machine has a live front axle unlike my 1994. The front differential fluid needs to be changed I think (20 years since it was done). My friend only uses it for hunting one week a year about 20 hours each year. Would you change the front fluid? If so How do I get at the filler plug? Looks like a couple of steel shields need to come off? Maybe Helmut has a pretty picture. I dont know where he gets those but the one he sent me for the rear brake job I did on my machine was awesone. You should see this 86. All the bolts are still shiny. frame is even still shiny and it purrs like a kitten. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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