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Elka Shocks for TRX 450R for sale

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Full set
Front pair: Triple rate, standard travel 17"
Rear : Dual rate, long travel with linkage

only 4 rides less than 6 hrs total

New sells for;
Front pair $1100.00
Rear $800.00
linkage $300.00

Sell for $1300.00

Will ship (on your dime)

Will take PayPal or Certified Check or CASH

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Welcome to the forums and good luck with your sell.
Welcome to forums.
Nice shocks- especially the elka elite fronts- too bad I've had my fill of elka suspensions- I went to all Axis. Good luck on your sell and great price...
Thanks for the welcome. Found this site while searching for parts for a Big Red restoration. Looks like one of the best. PD
Ok let's get some interest........lower the price.........Now the new price is $1200.00
I wish I had the extra cash, they would look good on my 250R
Not only will it make your 250r look good, it'll make it faster too.
Welcome to the forums! good luck with the sale.
Lower price to 1100.00 Now firm. Come on folks this is a good deal. :shocked:
Have you tried ebay by chance?
No not yet......I thought these would sell quickly since I priced them very reasonably. I've had several hits and offers, some even as far away as Ireland:icon_eek:. Shocks are sitting in a box in my shop not eating anything so they don't have to sell, just thought I would offer somebody a good deal.
Its a very good deal, I would love to buy them but only have $250 allocated to buy shocks. BTW, do you have stock 450r front suspension your looking to get rid of? I'd be interested if they are new or next to new...
No, stock shocks were put on bike when it sold.

Welcome. To be honest, I haven't seen hardly anything sell on these forums. There just never seems to be enough local. Were spread out everywhere. Good Luck.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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