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Electronic shift issues

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Thanks in advance for any and all help! I’ve been creeping on here for a while, and finally bought a used Honda. It runs fine usually, but now I’m having some issues....

I have a 2012 Foreman 500FPE. The shifting is intermittent. Codes 22 and 23 are showing up. I have tested the angle sensor and it appears to be within specs. I have reset the codes when the shift buttons are responsive, and I get the same codes.

Sometime I walk up to the machine, and it shifts fine. Other times I get no response from the shift buttons upon startup, but it is responsive when the key is on with the engine not running. Other times the buttons are not responsive with the engine off and key on. If I pull the curse in the back, it shifts for a moment, then flashes.

So far I have:
1. Checked fuses-all are good. Also, when I get no response from the shifting buttons, pulling fuses resets something, and allows me to shift for a moment. Then it freezes again.
2. Checked the wiring connection from the harness the shift motor. It is clean with no corrosion.
3. Verified that the battery is at full charge.

Not really sure where to go from here, just hoping someone has some insight!

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Clean thoroughly and dielectric grease every harness connector pair on the bike and you'll probably fix it. Clean and grease the shift switches too. Don't forget to polish and grease the motor and frame grounds... welcome to the forums!
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Yeah, the shift switches are not sealed, so they can get water inside them each time you wash the bike or it is left outdoors in the rain. I always take them apart and clean them, then pack them with dielectric grease. I still screw up and carelessly hit 'em with the pressure washer spray once in a while though. Be careful prying on the plastic rocker switch retainers if you take yours apart, they look pretty fragile.
BTW, I think there is a service manual for your bike linked from the manuals thread.

If I'm not mistaken there is one that covers from about '05 up through '14, for all Foreman models.

None of the harness connectors are waterproof from the factory although they are supposed to be... generally a good dielectric greasing of each connector pair solves electrical/sensor/shift problems and prevents them from reoccurring. One pressure wash is all it takes to get water in them if left untreated.

Keep us updated if you can...
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It sounds like it might need a clutch readjustment. When the clutch is not right it will struggle to shift cause the shift motor has to overcome an engaged centrifugal clutch. The motor must be warmed up too... else the electronically controlled cold enrichment idle speed will be high.
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