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Electronic gadgets to have handy

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since i am a noob at electrical issues for atv's and other things i would like some advice on what to purchase to help me figure out my own problems. i want to learn but i will need gadgets to help. i have read about multi meters, 12v testers and etc... what exactly would i need to help figure out electrical issues? i have shop manual for my bike so thats a start:D.. also where can i get these gadgets and brands to stay clear from or brands that are approved by you folks, the experts? :D
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As I said in another thread, you should have a meter handy. You don't need to sell your first born to get it, but don't buy a cheap one either. $30-50 will get you one that is good enough for most peoples needs.

There are other things you could probably buy, but frankly I would cross that bridge when I come to it. No need to have a garage full of test equipment that you use once in your lifetime.

I'm no expert on ATV's, but I know a thing or 2 about electronics, at least enough to be dangerous. :)
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