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Does anyone know what would cause the wire from the solenoid to the starter to get super hot? The main fuse was blown, which had never happened in the 5 years I've had it and also the battery now has to be charged almost daily. This is on an 03 300EX.

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Mud, oil, and battery acid can conduct enough electricity to drain a battery. But a PARTIALLY stuck solenoid is more likely. When you feel heat in the cable, feel the starter and solenoid too. If the starter is hot, it is most likely a stuck solenoid. If the solenoid is hot is is most likely a bad switch or wire.

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Funny the solenoid question came up. the zero turn wasnt taking a good charge, an the wires going to the battery, were getting hot. i think it was from trying to start. not charging the battery, as that was on the battery terminals.
got new soleniod, wires are cool now.
the hot wire; from starter to solenoid, was loose at solenoid, so was the hot, solenoid to battery on both ends.not real loose, but loose enough.

just before this a capacitor question, came up here, relating to a vehicle, an a capacitor when out on the ac unit.
maybe a prelude, to what i was going to have to do..
mostly JB
if it comes in threes,
i got 1 more.
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