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Electric shift help

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Okay so I've got a 2013 Honda 420 electric shift. 4500 kilometres. This winter it started acting up. Lights would dim when winching. Was shifting very hard. Now it's all messed up. It will sometimes throw code 22 on the gear indicator. Reverse works fine but hardly goes into other gears and when it does it doesn't work for long. Battery? Shift motor? Angle sensor? Computer? You can hear the shift motor trying really hard. Also manual shifter doesn't work.
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Like Brian said, the shift motor what you can do is take it out and coat the while inside after you get the stiff factory grease out coat it with ALL TEMP WHITE LITHIUM, this will reduce the drag on the shifting and make it run much smoother, As for your lights, I'd check you rectifier is it putting out low 13's to mid 14's? Oh forgot when you get all your electrical connections ready to go on, put dielectric grease on everyone of them. :D
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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