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if your talking about adding a power source for a heated helmet(face shield)
then yes I have added dozens of them to snowmobiles over the yrs, but never to an atv, but things would just be the same
there are MANY ways you can do this!
all you need is a heated shield install kit,
you simply run fused wires to your battery, and run wires to where ever you wish the connection to be for the helmet side
they sell many types of connections kits too
if you already have a battery tender on your atv, they sell a patch cord for heated shields that simply plugs into the 2 SAE plug for the tender, and then your done
they sell, 12 volt CIg lighter adapters that have the RCA end that you can plug helmet cord into,

JUST what ever you do, HAVE It a fused line for power, and carry fuses as most ALL helmets have the MALE end on the RCA Plug exposed when you disconnect from power on helmet, and IF that end touches metal when your off atv(happens a lot when you forget to disconnect connection and walk off atv/sled)
and then grounds out on something and POOF you blew the fuse, I also recommend you carry a extra helmet cord, as again, walking off atv forgetting to disconnect will happen and them cords damage pretty easy
I carry 2 extras on all my sleds LOL

but there not hard to install or set up
should be TONS of videos on youtube showing up to install on snowmobile battery's you can watch and see, same deal as on a ATV battery

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This is new to me, any links..?

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there are ton sof links, LOL
heated helmet shields are found in snowmobiles for the past 20+ yrs and many even use them on street bikes in cold weather, they prevent the shield from fogging up
they DON:"T actually make any real heat to warm your face or likes however!

here is a link to some helmets that have them, MOST all came with all needed hardware to install on a sled, but NOT all
this means they come with a plug end that mounts to your battery and then all cords to your helmet!

Most all modern snowmobiles however has fast easy plug and play set ups(meaning they already have a 2 SAE plug you just plug things into
as there pre wired on sleds for this option!
BUT if NOT< again, all you need to do is install one of these, and they come in a wide range of options for you to decide on what way you wish to have it set up

again, if you already have a 12 volt cig plug, its as easy as plugging in the right adapter into that socket and plug shield cord into and done!

here is a video on them installing on a snowmobile with a battery!(many sleds DON"T have a battery but still have a power supply, that can be used due to how little power they need!)

heads up both videos ain't the best, but should give you an idea, its real simple stuff here!


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