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Ebs mxs brake pads

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Im trying to put these new ebs pads on my 400 ex. i pushed the caliber piston in as far as it will go. The pads are to thick still. What can I do?
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when i try to put the pads in the caliper there is not enough space. should the piston be all the way depressed? it will not go down any further??
The piston should be pushed in as far as it will go and with both pads in the caliper, there should be enough space in between them for the brake rotor. If the piston is all the way in and there's still not enough room for the pads and rotor, I don't know what the problem would be unless they're the wrong pads.
helmut. does the piston go in as far as flush to the caliper? because mine is pushed all the way in that it will go. and it is not flush to the caliper. it sticks up a little.
I'm not sure about the 400EX, but I think it is supposed to be flush. Most of the ones that I've noticed have been flush.
Maybe the adjusting screw for the parking brake needs to be backed out so the piston can go all the way in.
I've never had a problem like that and I'm not sure what to tell you about that. Maybe someone else will have run into that same problem and can help.
k im gonna try the c clamp thanks
Yeah, I use a c-clamp too. I forgot to mention that.
Good ill remove mine then too.. The C clamp worked! Well the pads are on and very tight. They will loosen after riding and burn away right?
Yeah, they will wear down if they need to. As long as they don't have the axle locked up tight, you should be OK.
1 - 6 of 24 Posts
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