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Ebs mxs brake pads

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Im trying to put these new ebs pads on my 400 ex. i pushed the caliber piston in as far as it will go. The pads are to thick still. What can I do?
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The C clamp is great advice. Remove that stupid parking brake. They are junk. I use EBC pads and have no problems
I've never had luck with any parking brakes. Never seemed to want to work right. Especially with the drum braked hondas.
Mine would never stay adjusted on my 400ex. Everyone I know with a Honda usually removes them
I have a ModQuad block of plate. There are so many companies that make them you should have no problem finding one. I would remove the whole cable. I bought an after market clutch perch aswell to clean up the handle bars.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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