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eBay kits

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So if I can’t find I shop I was looking around and eBay has these kits that come with a 416 cylinder, wiseco piston, stage 2 hotcam, timing chain, and cometic gaskets. Would you trust this ? I’m sure everything is fine but it’s the cylinder I’d be worried about.
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Ok gotcha. And it seems a little low on compression if that helps anything. I haven’t tested it but it just seems a little low. If it’s even a slight incline or decline it’ll roll a little with me on it.
And I’m just wondering how that would make the compression low. I reckon it’s low because I can take my foot and put it on the back tire and slowly push it over in gear.
Those tests arent really telling anything. Your working with gear ratios in the transmission to help you push it over in gear. Clutch could be getting weak though. That could add to the ease of movement.
I see. Awhile ago I thought the clutch was going out because it slipped really bad once but it hasn’t done it in awhile so idk. Definitely gonna upgrade it though
Could the grinding be a bad cam bearing thing? And I’m into the engine now. How am I going to know if the timing chain is bad?
Could be a bad cam bearing. I cant say i remember ever seeing one fail though. Timing chain is easy. If you remove the tensioner 2 8mm bolts. Let the tensioner extend all the way. Put it back in the hole. If it goes all the way in where the flange sits against tight with no resistance the chain is stretched. If it stops with a half inch or more gap its good.
Yup the chain is fine. One bearing is completely silent. The other is quiet but I can barely hear it. If it gets spinning fast enough like while you’re riding would it get THAT loud? I’m just wondering if that’s what it is.
Its possible. I would say its likely. But those bearings should be very cheap. Its worth a shot for sure!
Gosh I hope it’s the bearing. I was about to take the head off until I thought about the bearings then I decided to wait. No reason to get into extra work
I just noticed I don’t have the decompression pin. Weird
Is the decompression mechanism still on the cam?
I’m not even sure what to say. I just want you to look at these pics. I don’t remember seeing the slots cut from the stud holes on other people’s quads. It’s got 2 if them like that weird idk


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And yes it’s still on but no pin. There’s definitely been someone messing with this before I had it
Oh my bad. It had to deal with mods so I just figured this was the best spot. Sorry
i think its my bad.. sorrier
Those slots are normal. Looks like a stock piston, stock timing chain and it looks about like every single one i have ever pulled apart. If the decomp pin was missing and the cam still has the whole mechanism on it the quad shouldnt have been able to even run? The pin stops the mechanism to hold a valve open sligtly to make it easier to turn over. Without the pin it would be opening and closing the valve at random and in my experaince it will be either a real pain to start or not start at all. Unless someone grinded the end off the rocker arm where the auto decomp mech hits? I have seen that before. I would either put in an aftermarket cam or remove the whole mechanism from the stock cam. This requires a shop press. And alittle bit of fabrication to plug the big oiling hole for the mechanism.
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My cylinder and piston is scratched up a little too lol. And that’s alright Led. I’m honestly not on here enough to know if I was in the right spot or not haha
Oh and before I forget, does it matter what year the crf450r chain is for or are they all the same?
I got an 06 crf450 in mine. I think there is a few years that dont work. But the trx450r chain works for a few years also.
Alrighty thank ya. Havin some broken valve cover bolt problems now though ? ?
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