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eBay kits

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So if I can’t find I shop I was looking around and eBay has these kits that come with a 416 cylinder, wiseco piston, stage 2 hotcam, timing chain, and cometic gaskets. Would you trust this ? I’m sure everything is fine but it’s the cylinder I’d be worried about.
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Oh my bad. It had to deal with mods so I just figured this was the best spot. Sorry
Oh wow it’d be cheaper? I figured it’d be more just for the labor
Would I need to send the piston too? I know a long time ago you said a good machinist will need the piston to make the bore exact.
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Oh wow that’s not bad at all
Webcam is probably what I’ll go with because I’ve heard hotcam isn’t extremely good. If I were to get a hotcam it’d be the stage 2 but webcam just has a bunch of numbers that don’t mean anything to me haha. I was just wondering which one would suit a 416 the best.
I’d really like to pick that up but I’m not quite ready. So anything over .350 has to have shortened valve guides? And where would I get the hardened rockers?
Oh ok I see. How hard of a job is putting in the shortened guides?
Yeah I’m definitely gonna have to remember the word budget lol. Shoot mine is so stock I still have the stock tires LOL it’s only a 2013 but for stock tires they’re pretty darn good. What’s a good budget clutch in your opinion?
I’d love to strip mine down and get it powder coated. I hate the stock look. Hideous I tell you! Haha. I saw on here that another guy was having the weird grinding noise I’m having and somebody was wondering if he bent a valve or something like that because he took the head off I believe and he said the sound went away. How exactly would that happen? Jump off timing and just bend it maybe ?
Ok gotcha. And it seems a little low on compression if that helps anything. I haven’t tested it but it just seems a little low. If it’s even a slight incline or decline it’ll roll a little with me on it.
And I’m just wondering how that would make the compression low. I reckon it’s low because I can take my foot and put it on the back tire and slowly push it over in gear.
I see. Awhile ago I thought the clutch was going out because it slipped really bad once but it hasn’t done it in awhile so idk. Definitely gonna upgrade it though
Could the grinding be a bad cam bearing thing? And I’m into the engine now. How am I going to know if the timing chain is bad?
Yup the chain is fine. One bearing is completely silent. The other is quiet but I can barely hear it. If it gets spinning fast enough like while you’re riding would it get THAT loud? I’m just wondering if that’s what it is.
Gosh I hope it’s the bearing. I was about to take the head off until I thought about the bearings then I decided to wait. No reason to get into extra work
I just noticed I don’t have the decompression pin. Weird
I’m not even sure what to say. I just want you to look at these pics. I don’t remember seeing the slots cut from the stud holes on other people’s quads. It’s got 2 if them like that weird idk


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And yes it’s still on but no pin. There’s definitely been someone messing with this before I had it
My cylinder and piston is scratched up a little too lol. And that’s alright Led. I’m honestly not on here enough to know if I was in the right spot or not haha
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