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ebay just owned me

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:icon_ cry:

i blew my rear end out a few weeks ago. well i was looking on ebay and ran across a big red 250 COMPLETE rear end. swing arm and everything. would actually be an upgrade to my rear end. starting bid was 9.99$................okay.

well 30 secs to go it was 82.00$. okay fine. i put in a bid in for 90.00$, 40$ shipping thats 140$ for a complete rear, heck of a deal. ebay tells me hello XXXXXXXX if this is not you sign thinking im good to go. i put my bid in, it ask me to register or put in my password to log in..........F word. its not my account at the house and i dont know it off the top of my head.

bottom line i it sold for 82.00$

apparently i dont work ebay enough and it owned me.

:icon_ cry:
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yea........i have been looking local but nothing even come CLOSE to that :/ people wont 350$ JUST for the diff.

o well, what can i do know. all i can do is keep looking.


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ha ha and i just noticed math owned me.............. 130$ it would have been. its a bad night. ha.
BIG RED Atc 250es 250 rear end differential axle hubs: eBay Motors (item 300478180894 end time Oct-14-10 18:54:39 PDT)

dont know if it will still show it...........complete rear end. swing arm, diff, axle, brake, hubs, 82$.

dident we already talk about this........haha. i can use the axle, it will bolt strait up to the drive shaft and thos bolts, i have to cut the mounting bracked off my old rear end (not a big deal) mach and weld it into place and bolt the 250 rear end in.........pretty easy. the diffs are stronger on the 250 and the brake is to the side by the wheel and out of the way. less likely to get hung up on something like the 300 rear brake in the middle.

i know what im getting into :p

its actually a stronger upgrade that alot of people do.
and to clarify, i can use the rear end axle and housing, everything except the swing arm. diff, axle, carrier, brake, pretty much the whole rear axle.

its been done plenty of times. catch up on the times man!!!
I've purchased a lot of stuff lately on ebay and so far It's been good. I got a factory 125 trx honda carb for $1.45 and I also purchased from the same seller a air intake hose for a trx 125
with all the hoses and bottom of the air box for $10.00 after shipping for the two transactions it came to a little over $16.00, the hose alone new sells for $25.00. I've already taken the carb apart and cleaned it up,just waiting to test it out,then I'm going to re-sale it on ebay.

i hate you.................haha no but man im so ill with ebay right now. somebody got a great deal. go them tho, i cant be to mad. ill keep looking.
no..we didn't talk about if we did..i'd of told you..good luck, yu'll need it !
o but we have talked about swaping rear ends before in another thread............old man :p

i might have to go look for it :tongue:
o and its the same rear gear and all, im not going into uncharted waters, this has been MANY of times.

with the deal, i was just trying to express other than the shock its a COMPLETE rear for 82$ can build replacements...............i can build them from multiple machines

what now :p
what i need to a degree to say i can do something?????

if it works it works right :icon_ peace:
HA HA win on that one. it owned me hardcore.

and i just noticed. thanks man.
apricate it. and enjoy your time away. where you goin??

i still need to get that front hub off also, might be hitting you up with ideas on how to use a puller to get it off also when the time comes.

i hate not having a quad :/
is there a way with out an extra hub??

i have thought about a large maybe pulley puller (3 jaw puller) but i needs something to thread into and well there is not much thread on the shaft after the hub................humm. i dont know i need to play with it.
lots and lots of cuss it made me so mad before.

im gonna try that route tho, see where it gets me. i was thinking about hooking a come a long to it but i would not be able to get an even pull around the cylinder. now that it has cooled down some and im not in the baking sun, maybe i can accomplish something now. MAYBE.
if i did not NEED the item it would not have been a big deal. untill i get a rear end its out of commission which is no good, or fun. i dont need or want another yard ornament.

that and im a broke joke right now, this was right up my alley.

it was all working out where i could make it happen, but then.............yea.

but hey, what can i do about it now.........but sit here non 4 wheeler less......doh. ha.
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