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ebay just owned me

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:icon_ cry:

i blew my rear end out a few weeks ago. well i was looking on ebay and ran across a big red 250 COMPLETE rear end. swing arm and everything. would actually be an upgrade to my rear end. starting bid was 9.99$................okay.

well 30 secs to go it was 82.00$. okay fine. i put in a bid in for 90.00$, 40$ shipping thats 140$ for a complete rear, heck of a deal. ebay tells me hello XXXXXXXX if this is not you sign thinking im good to go. i put my bid in, it ask me to register or put in my password to log in..........F word. its not my account at the house and i dont know it off the top of my head.

bottom line i it sold for 82.00$

apparently i dont work ebay enough and it owned me.

:icon_ cry:
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are you trying to put a big red rear a '88 rear end ? do know..unless you do some big time won't just drop in ???..the '88 300 has a different axle than a big red..not to metion..the axle tubbing is different...soooo...unless you plan on fabing won't work...even the swing arm is totally different.
dident we already talk about this........haha. i can use the axle, it will bolt strait up to the drive shaft and thos bolts, i have to cut the mounting bracked off my old rear end (not a big deal) mach and weld it into place and bolt the 250 rear end in.........pretty easy. the diffs are stronger on the 250 and the brake is to the side by the wheel and out of the way. less likely to get hung up on something like the 300 rear brake in the middle.

i know what im getting into :p

its actually a stronger upgrade that alot of people do.
no..we didn't talk about if we did..i'd of told you..good luck, yu'll need it !
and to clarify, i can use the rear end axle and housing, everything except the swing arm. diff, axle, carrier, brake, pretty much the whole rear axle.

its been done plenty of times. catch up on the times man!!!
if your just using the rear axle and carrier can make it work, but not the swing better count the teeth on the ring gear and pinion gear..i don't think they are the same ??? and if they are not..this is gonna throw your tranny way out..but..its not
no..we didn't talk about if we did..i'd of told you..good luck, yu'll need it !
o but we have talked about swaping rear ends before in another thread............old man :p

i might have to go look for it :tongue:
i might be old...but i'm wiser than you when it comes to building these from scratch..lmfao. can build replacements...............i can build them from multiple machines

what now :p
and you have been doing long ???
what i need to a degree to say i can do something?????

if it works it works right :icon_ peace: may need one to work ebay..and your pm's !!.lmfao.
HA HA win on that one. it owned me hardcore.

and i just noticed. thanks man.
your welcome bro..good times !!..i'll see what i can dig up for ya if you don't find anything before then.
apricate it. and enjoy your time away. where you goin??

i still need to get that front hub off also, might be hitting you up with ideas on how to use a puller to get it off also when the time comes.

i hate not having a quad :/
if you can find an old trx300 hub ( one that is not any good for sure )..weld a nut that a c-clamp uses..take an old c-clamp..use the threaded part into the nut..put the hub over the hub...put some lug nuts on..tighten the c-clamp down into the center of the hub where it hits the axle center..this will pull the hub right off.
Yeah, we did discuss this before, Shadetree. I even posted pictures of one that had been converted. I found the pictures on the HL forum. A lot of those guys over there have done that conversion. The rear diff, axle, and axle tube will work. You keep the 300 swingarm. You have to make a bracket to weld to the right side axle tube where it bolts to the right side of the swingarm, because the 300 swingarm isn't as wide. Also, you have to fab a single, rear shock mount up in the center of the axle tube. The rear diff is the correct ratio.
i've slept sinse
is there a way with out an extra hub??

i have thought about a large maybe pulley puller (3 jaw puller) but i needs something to thread into and well there is not much thread on the shaft after the hub................humm. i dont know i need to play with it.
not really..unless you count a hammer and alot of cuss words ?? will come off that way..just not so easy. most times i just soak the spindle or axle if it's a 4x4..then with a hammer and some really big screw drivers on each side of the hub..i pry the hub out alittle at a time..soak it some more..then knock it back in..this lets the wd-40 work it's way in..then pry out some more evenly ..spray..knock back in..rinse and repeat..sooner or later it will pop off...oh..and throw in a few hammer wacks now an
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