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ebay just owned me

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:icon_ cry:

i blew my rear end out a few weeks ago. well i was looking on ebay and ran across a big red 250 COMPLETE rear end. swing arm and everything. would actually be an upgrade to my rear end. starting bid was 9.99$................okay.

well 30 secs to go it was 82.00$. okay fine. i put in a bid in for 90.00$, 40$ shipping thats 140$ for a complete rear, heck of a deal. ebay tells me hello XXXXXXXX if this is not you sign thinking im good to go. i put my bid in, it ask me to register or put in my password to log in..........F word. its not my account at the house and i dont know it off the top of my head.

bottom line i it sold for 82.00$

apparently i dont work ebay enough and it owned me.

:icon_ cry:
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Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you will find a better.
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