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Draining carburetor

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**Honda Fourtrax 300** I know this is a simple question but when someone floads their bike and needs to drain the watery gas out the carburetor how do you drain the bowl???

Also can someone give me a rundown of the basic step to do before trying to start their 300 after it's been floaded and you need to get back. Like draining carb and air box. Getting all of the water out of the exhaust and engine. Is flipping the compression release and trying to start better. Or why do people say to pull the spark plug and try and turn the engine over that way like how does that work?
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As jeep said.. However, decompression lever up and it will also start without busting bits up.

Make yer’ snorkel longer!! Lol
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Haha, yeah.. It’s a handy function actually for the mud riders. Luckily I’ve not had to use it for that reason as yet, always time though I suppose lol.

For the OP though, Jeep is right, the conventional way is to remove the spark plug. This stops internal engine parts from bending/breaking when you attempt to start it up with a bore full of water.
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