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Dont have to worrie about jets F*&ked up the 250 bad

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On easter sunday me and my buddy went ridding I was on my 250x he was on a 400ex. Well my chain keep coming off when we were ramping and messing around I didnt think anything of it. So he let me ride his quad and he rode mine we were racing down the road when the chain snapped on mine I thought no big deal just lost a link. I stopped and looked at it and after it broke a link got jammed sideways in between the drive sprocket and side cover putting a big hole in it. And now it is leaking oil around the drive sprocket shaft any on got repair maual pages telling how to tear the lef side of the motor so i can see what damage I caused. Thanks
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You probably didn't do anything but crack the case. That's what case savers are for.
Any thoughts on the oil leaking aroung the shaft?
I bet you tweaked the shaft enough for the seal to split,ie it got smashed enough to leak.

I would say the seal was old and is trash now.

Pop a seal in it if thats the case,if no leak(please buy a case saver)
I has a new outter seal I replaced it when I got the quad because it leaked then I think i just messed up the seal I took a socket end drove the seal in tighter and it slowed the leak down. and I am just gonna jb weld the case together
does any one have a pic of a case saver?
Yea I am gonna order one now. Work is picking back up so I spend a little money on my quad.(or go buy a 400ex)
Keep the 250.
Yea i cant get any money out of it so it will stay with me my. Plus my girlfriend is about ready for a bigger quad just have to teach her how to drive a clutch:icon_ rocker:
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