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okay guys so I have a trail tech vapor computer on my 250ex and I done what it said to do in the book to setup the speedometer. but when I put in the number when i first got it it would say that i was going about 30mph at almost 7000rpm. now today after i reinstalled everything back on to my quad I routed the cable different then before and the tire size number was 1733 so i went to see if it still worked and it said this time that i was going over 60mph at 7000rpm. so i used the different method from the manual to get another number which was 1727 and put it into the computer and was going 30mph at 5000rpm. so which number that I put in is right? I will have to check it out with my gps unit but I just though I would get some opinions on it. anyway thanks for your help guys.
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