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My brother has a 2001 that's been absolutely abused to hell and back. He got it in 2010 and was the 4th owner on the title and boy did it look the part. Rode the hell out of it, lent it out to others to ride and barely maintenanced it. Rear end is just about shot, the clutch probably has a broken spring or two which is starting to take its toll on the trans, the brakes barely work (rears are seized open) and the shift shaft splines completely stripped so he welded it on. When he got it it was having trouble idling, a little sea foam and it hasn't been a thought since. Despite all of that, the engine runs like its brand new and doesn't burn a bit of oil, go figure.

I've had a few Recons and it's been the same story, definitely a simple, dependable and effective platform that's hard to kill
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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