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Just wondering--do Honda 250EX atv's ever fail or die? I have no idea how many miles are on our 2001 model, but I know that my stepson literally beats the crap out of that thing and it doesn't even burn oil at this point. All I do is change the oil a couple of times a year, I keep the air filter clean and change the plug in the spring before the season starts. I ride it, my wife rides it occasionally, and my stepson rides it quite a bit. He bent the rear axle in it once while jumping with it, but other than that the thing just keeps on running. We have a Can-Am Outlander and a Rancher but I enjoy riding the 250EX once in awhile. Pretty damned bulletproof ATV and we bought it used like 8 years ago from a guy and HIS kids beat the hell out of it too.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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