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Do 250EX ATV's ever die??

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Just wondering--do Honda 250EX atv's ever fail or die? I have no idea how many miles are on our 2001 model, but I know that my stepson literally beats the crap out of that thing and it doesn't even burn oil at this point. All I do is change the oil a couple of times a year, I keep the air filter clean and change the plug in the spring before the season starts. I ride it, my wife rides it occasionally, and my stepson rides it quite a bit. He bent the rear axle in it once while jumping with it, but other than that the thing just keeps on running. We have a Can-Am Outlander and a Rancher but I enjoy riding the 250EX once in awhile. Pretty damned bulletproof ATV and we bought it used like 8 years ago from a guy and HIS kids beat the hell out of it too.
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I've got a buddy that could break an anvil with a glass hammer......I bet if you let him on that 250EX for a day you'd find it's weak points lol
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My brother has a 2001 that's been absolutely abused to hell and back. He got it in 2010 and was the 4th owner on the title and boy did it look the part. Rode the hell out of it, lent it out to others to ride and barely maintenanced it. Rear end is just about shot, the clutch probably has a broken spring or two which is starting to take its toll on the trans, the brakes barely work (rears are seized open) and the shift shaft splines completely stripped so he welded it on. When he got it it was having trouble idling, a little sea foam and it hasn't been a thought since. Despite all of that, the engine runs like its brand new and doesn't burn a bit of oil, go figure.

I've had a few Recons and it's been the same story, definitely a simple, dependable and effective platform that's hard to kill
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My grandson's 2004 250EX had an oil pump chain that had derailed which overheated the engine. We fixed that, went to the next cylinder oversize, replaced the valves and did a three angle valve seat cut.

This thing purrs like a kitten . . . .

My two 06s have been absolutely trouble free for the 5 years I've had them. I did buy an 07 with a grenaded motor, kid ran it dry. Bought a motor from ebay. didn't like the sound of it and sold the machine for break even.
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