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I just scored this off ebay for my 300ex.

Anyone have any info on these? I got it for 116 shipped to my door, which is way cheaper than a hmf slip on muffler.


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This guy ran duals but you get the idea...


I have to admit, this part was a pain in my A.S.S! Because of the fact the two head pipes are seperate all the way back, made it confusing on how to install them. Other than that, the muffler section was 3yr old type simple.
(note: be careful not to strip the bolts)


Ok, this pipe had a nice top-end growl to it. Instead of having a low end "grunt" type of a noise, (ex: HMF) this pipe had more of a grunty top end, it sounds better the more you rev it. This pipe in my opinion sounds sick!
(note: This is NOT the pipe for you if you have pissy neighbors. It is very loud!)


In front of my house, there is a 1/4 mile straight of a road. This is where i did performance runs.
The stock bike on the street was mediocre. It was alright, but the stock bike isnt much of a screamer.
With this pipe, the power came on strong. The bike was a lot free'er reving. The pipe increased mid-top power, and bottom didnt change. As soon as you take off, you can feel the extra beef in the mid to top range. It felt alot quicker, and you see yourself shifting quicker because the pipe pulls the top so much better than the stock bike, and it revs up free'er and quicker. If you want your 400 to be a trail bike, yet still have a decent top end punch, then i recomend this pipe.

OVERALL: (out of 5)
Looks: **
Sound: ****
Power: *****
Ease of installation: *
Overall: ****
yes, if loudness isnt an issue.

Thanks for reading, i hope i helped you guys on the subject

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Looks Cool dude.I got a white brothers slip on from ebay for $50 to my door.
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