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Howdy friends,

I thought I'd share that after 2471 miles I'm very impressed (thus far) with the DCT AUTO transmission on my 2016 Honda Rancher. In my opinion it works very well, and even though I ride probably 60-70% of the time in ESP (button shift) because I enjoy shifting, I have ridden in just about every possible scenario in DCT AUTO as well and as far as I'm concerned it is very effective.

Most of all I love how smoothly it shifts once the engine/tranny are up to operating temperature. I can cruise around town or on the trails at a leisurely pace and it just snicks off the shifts perfectly.

Or, if I'm in the mood to let'er rip I can mash the throttle and it cracks through the gears with authority, like in the video below...notice how quickly it rips off gears 1, 2, and 3.

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