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When I was doing my build on the Mean Green Machine, I had a clicking in the front end when turning the wheels. Whether it was being driven or with the front end jacked up. Turn the handlebars...clicky clicky.

Sounded like it was coming from the front diff. Even used a backyard stethoscope (long screwdriver) to "listen" to the diff. I had already planned to replace all the bearings and seals in the diff anyway, so much to my surprise it still clicked/popped after it was all put back together.

Sure enough, it was the front right CV. Replaced them both for $120 and problem was solved.

Chances are pretty high that it's the problem you have as well. Unless the front diff had been completely swamped and been driven with sand/dirt in it for a while, it is probably ok. The CVs are definitely the weakest link (by design) in the front drivetrain.

Surprising this Atv is a 95 and has never been submerged. And when I bought it 4 months ago I changed all fluids and there was no signs of anything bad in the diff. Just black oil needing to be changed but it wasn't bad.

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