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Im interested in getting a pretty junked up fouwheeler and custom building it. How much would this cost altogether? Where would be the best place to find one? I have all stock fouwheelers, i kinda want something that i like in my own specs.
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i might do what red said. Keep the 400 i got now. I already got 4 or of them. 5 would be waaaaaaaaaay too much. i just wanted to add a whole bunch of mods. Like hot cam, sprokets, shox, jetting, dual full exuast (two pipes), and maybe more. its gonna be a project overtime maybe. idk what im gonna do yet tho. then i get some number plates from red. lol.
It would relocate the battery, where would the battery go?
Thats what i was thinking. the airbox takes up too much room. It's almost 700 for the exhuast alone!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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