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I have a 2019 Recon 250 that an employee crossthreaded the oil drain plug on. It’s in Alaska and I’m in Montana so I can’t get a good look at it. Has anyone repaired this issue? From what I’m finding on YouTube etc., it’s looking like a rethread and oversized plug might be best? Anyone done this and have recommendations on parts and thread kits? The wheeler is in remote spot, so running to a parts store isn’t an option.. I need to send the right stuff up to fix it and with long freight times it would be great to send the right stuff the first time. Thanks!

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the oil drain plug is 12mm and it has 1.5 thread pitch
its only about an inch long
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I would recommend to order a new oem drain bolt.
then you order one of these kits

they are called a helicoil kit.The kit comes with everything you may need.
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You will drill the hole to a bigger size, the you will tap it to the outside pitch of a 12mm by 1.5
then you insert the helicoil and you are done.
you will then have a new 12mm by 1.5 pitch hole that will accept your new drain plug.

Good luck. the helicoil comes with instructions.
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