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Crazy High Idle With New Idle Air Control Valve

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Hello, and thank you for allowing me to join! I found this forum, while trying to locate the answer to the following issue.
I have a fuel injected, 2013 Honda Rancher 420. Just put a new idle air control valve in, to deal with a sudden dropping dead problem. Now the idle runs so high, that if you put it in reverse, you cannot apply the brakes hard enough to get it to stop. In forward gear, there is no way to downshift because the idle is so high. What is the matter with the thing? Can someone help? Thank you so very much!
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and where did you buy this new idle air control valve ?, from honda ?, or amazon/ebay ?.
i dont have a service manual for your model, sorry. you might try looking in the service manual when you get your hands on one, and see if there is a way to '' re-set '' the idle air control valve ?, i do not know ?, i dont own newer atvs..AND THIS IS WHY !..LOL. old school here..tried and proven to not have freaking sensors that let you down ! you also can go to www.************ ( its where we hang our hats now ), very smart members there, and might have your service manual there you can down load for free ?. your welcome to join us over there. if ya do come over ?, please make a short post in new member section about yourself, then you can post in the utility section, thanks !.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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