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Crazy High Idle With New Idle Air Control Valve

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Hello, and thank you for allowing me to join! I found this forum, while trying to locate the answer to the following issue.
I have a fuel injected, 2013 Honda Rancher 420. Just put a new idle air control valve in, to deal with a sudden dropping dead problem. Now the idle runs so high, that if you put it in reverse, you cannot apply the brakes hard enough to get it to stop. In forward gear, there is no way to downshift because the idle is so high. What is the matter with the thing? Can someone help? Thank you so very much!
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Thank you, Shadetree! Though I wish I did not have to look the results of my tight wad ways, square in the face. Tragically, I bought the very least expensive one I could find. I bought it on eBay, though it purported to come from a USA parts house.

I was afraid it might be simply that I ordered a piece of rubbish part. That leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. You see, I really can't afford to buy a Honda part, from Honda. And, if this control valve is trash, then obviously I can't go that cheap route again. So where do I strike the balance? There must be a point where you're paying enough to get some sort of quality, and yet not paying full price for a genuine, pedigreed stock part.

Is there a way to adjust the idle on the thing, just to make sure that it's not something simple, before I conclude that I have to buy a new control valve? Husband looked and looked, but says he wasn't able to find a way to adjust it. Hard for me to believe that it's not possible, however.

Thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate it!
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I guess I spoke too soon. I checked my purchase on eBay, and it claims to have been a Honda part. Husband says that the packaging said Honda Motor Sport. I will, of course, contact the seller, to gripe. But, what else could be the trouble, if it turns out that the part was good?

Thank you again! All educated guesses welcomed!!!
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