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Could Use Some Electrical Help...

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So for as long as I've owned my Honda 300 it's given me problems starting. All my mods are in my sig, so you can see what I have...

IF it's left outside overnite and temps are around freezing or very chilly the quad will barely turn over. I need to kick it. Fires up 1st kick.

IF it's left for days or weeks without starting in a heated garage, it's a crap shoot if it will fire up or if I need to kick it.. bur way better than if it was left out overnite. Always first kick it's running.

IF I have to kick it because the battery won't fire it up, & I run the quad for a little bit or hours, it will always fire right up with the battery.

I had installed a new battery over a year ago thinking it was the culprit, however it continued to do the same thing.

I do have the winch wired up to the aux pink wires direct. it's not with key power.

I'm leaning towards the rectifier?? I remember a while back I tried to check the voltage while cranking & was getting something like 7v, but while running it was 13v or 14v if memory serves me correct...

I would love some advice so I can check some things before I just start throwing $$ at it replacing parts!!!!!

Thanks in advance!
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It was mentioned above but wasnt commented much on, but i agree with Retro.

Installing a larger wire from the Battery + to Solenoid & Solenoid to Starter is a great idea. While your at it you might as well upgrade the grounds too. I make a "circle" when upgrading grounds. Run a cable from the Battery - to Motor, Motor to the Chassis and Chassis to the Battery -.

Its funny this was brought up because yesterday i changed a starter on a zero turn. Went to crank it and nothing, the solenoid would click but the starter wouldnt even try to spin. Got my meter and started checking voltage and grounds. Jumped the solenoid to see if the new starter was the issue, when i did this the starter spun but slow, very slow. So now im thinking its the starter. After troubleshooting some more it turns out the Battery - where it was attached to the chassis was very very loose. Tightened it up and it started on the first hit. Not saying your issue is a ground or to small of a power wire but its always a good thing to upgrade when your in the area.

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