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Convert Foreman ES to S

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I'm sure a number of you on here have dealt with the issues of having an ES. I for one and not happy with mine and figured I could just change it over. Now I know I can replace the gearshift spindle and attach a regular shifter to it but is there anything else that I need to do to accomplish this? It is a 2000 Foreman ES 450.
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I have heard of people doing this and I think you have to take out the gears on the shift motor. I also heard that they won't hold up, because the transmissions are, somehow, different between the ES and S models. They say they won't handle the strain. The explanation that I got, was that the shift motors shift with the exact same amount of force and pressure every time and on the foot shift, when you shift with your foot, the pressure varies, so the foot shift transmissions are built different or better to compensate. I have never tried this. This is just what I've heard and I am simply passing it on to you. You might call your local Honda dealer and they might be able to tell you if this is true or not.
I knew the shift shafts could be interchanged, but I heard that the shift motor gears had to come out for it to work. Like I said before, all of this is just hearsay, I've never tried it, myself.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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