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Considering an aditional Honda- Opinion Pls.

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Hi my first time threading,

Up here in Canada i use my 2005 Rincon 650 quite a bit for ice fishing and am not totally pleased on how it performs in cold weather. Starting with no primer is slow as it takes time to get fuel to the carb with the choke only. In either automatic or esp setting it runs into transmission transfer of power issues during the first mile of a trip and needs to be stopped for a few seconds. It doesn't warm up the transmission even when idled for a while before going anywhere. I like the ride allot but with only 3 gears it is a bit sluggish. I am considering a new Rubicon 500 fully auto but don't want to run into the same issues- any thoughts? My other choice is to go back to a Foreman TRX500FPM- manual foot shift with with no hydomechanical tranny- thoughts? I want best all around performance in all weather.:confused:
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all i can say about elec shift is...the more you have to push the button..the more likely it will fail..and cause you to take it to the shop..and they kill you on repair bill..i'm with helmut on the manual shift..alot less to worry about.
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