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I have a 2007 420 fe Rancher. I was riding this weekend at Mines and meadows in PA (GREAT TIME ) and we stopped on a trail for a break I went to turn my bike back on and got 4 slow flashes and on quick one? any idea what this means.
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Your 4 slow blinks are equivalent to 10 short blinks, plus your 1 short blink equals a code 41, which is a gear position switch malfunction.



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I think you can use a test probe to get the codes out or you can just count the flashes like you did.

I know you already have this figured out, but this is for everyone else that don't know.

TM = Two wheel drive, manual shift

TE = Two wheel drive, electric shift

FM = Four wheel drive, manual shift

FE = Four wheel drive, electric shift

AT = Auto
Good info. To add to your list, they also now have the new models with power steering.

FPM = Four wheel drive, manual shift, power steering

FPE = Four wheel drive, electric shift, power steering

1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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