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I have a 2007 420 fe Rancher. I was riding this weekend at Mines and meadows in PA (GREAT TIME ) and we stopped on a trail for a break I went to turn my bike back on and got 4 slow flashes and on quick one? any idea what this means.
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i have had the occasional shifting problem from Rev to N or N to 1sts but if I turn the key off then on it will shift. Other than that the bike runs great. when i was getting the code it would not start so I let it sit had a pop and then it cleared????
ya we were in some water but not around the time the issue happened. But if anyone hads the list of codes for the 2007 420 fe rancher that would be great. And I did check all the fuses and visible connections on the wires all is good!
ok cool thanks !! Why do you need to use a test probe? will it damage things if i do not? Is there a part in the manual that tells you how to read codes cuz I hear what your saying but I look at the sheet and duuuuuu I have no idea. Thanks
ok thanks think i better find the service manual to download so i can fix this..... the code only appeard once though so could it just be a fluke or do you think it is the start of a problem. Not use to all these electrical issues my last bike just had a motor and a fram thats it but this is the first problem i have had with this bike and i have riden it pretty hard!!!! had to pull a 750 Brute out of a trail on the weekend on a trailer because he broke is axel.. Honda the official Kawi recovery vehicle
OK i screwd up!!!!! I got the service manual and I have a FM not FE and from what I am reading the FM that I have does not have a gear postion switch. Unless I am reading wrong but just to recap since there are a few posts here It starts I can place into rev but when I go to place it back into N it will not go. If I turn the key off then on again it will go back to N also the same if I go into first gear then want to go to N it will not go unless I turn it of then back on. Now this does not happen all the time but it seems to be getting more freq. When I was away last weekend I believe it flashed 4 long 1 short at me. After a few min it cleaed and would start.
think i just need to adjust the clutch!!! I hope lol
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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