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Check out this co. widening & lowering kits

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Hello All,

Check out this website just ordered a 4.5" widening kit. I'm gonna be the guinea pig on this one. I'm going to leave off the shock brackets and lower the front by 2.5". I'll post some pics when finished.
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Cool.... They got some nice stuff I'm going to order the +4.5 widening and shock conversion kit for my quad later on I want to add the KFX450 shocks.
I hope to get them whe the taxes come in but we need a new bedroom suit so that will come first... I did however order my new Maxxis Razrs, a 14T front gear by ironicly (Moose racing lol) and a high performance coil. oh and a 42 slow jet.
that 90 would be sweet with a set of 300ex a-arms on the front. ir would ride really well too
Yeah I'm going to try to convince the wife it would be a great addition to the family too!! LMAO

I will have a go pro cam when we go to Buscoe so we will get some good action vids.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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