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*check it out* alan jacksons 89 honda fl400r pilot dune buggy

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Well here it is! One of my pride and joys! Alan Jacksons(YES THE ALAN JACKSON) former 1989 Honda Pilot FL400R. Not quite "mint" condition but I would say about as close as you can get to it! EVERYTHING works down too the EB, also has flag & post! Has digital hour meter on it that reads 13.5 hrs! Not sure when it was installed but I have the original tires that barely have the little nubs rubbed off! Currently has holeshots up front and Goodyear Runflat Mud Runners out back! Otherwise completely original just as it came from Honda! This is one of three Pilots i've owned, along with 2 Odyssey 350s, this one being my favorite for obvious reasons! Was found(stumbled upon) on a smaller online website in Tennessee looking for items for a church not even remotely related to atvs! In fact I am in Maryland and almost dismissed the add as a fake but just for kicks I called the number and after a few calls to the owner I had no doubt it was just as described! Received notarized documentation along with Tennessee title bearing Country Music Superstar Alan Jacksons John Hancock! Probably one of the only times i've gotten LUCKY in my life!


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Aj pilot fl400r

Thanks to all that have replied! Not only am I an Alan Jackson fan but just being one of those people that if it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all it was really a blessing! I actually have friends that don't even know I have it because I hardly ever take it out of storage. The only time it ever gets ran is when my 12 year old step daughter takes it around the yard once a month or so. It's really neat watching her try to drive it like a car and parallel park and i've often wondered if Alan Jackson did the same thing for his daughters? I've got a home video I made mixed with the hit song "Drive" and the Pilot i'll post up if I can figure out how to get it too DL.
Good morning,

I think my husband just bought this Honda. We bought it from someone who claims it belonged to Alan Jackson! But I am trying to confirm that.... Do you know who it was sold too after it left your possession? Or at least what city and state it ended up in?
Hi there,

Haven't been on here for a very long time and just saw this post. In case you're still wondering I still have the Pilot so it's definitely not mine. That said I can confirm there is at least one other one out there so it's still possible your husband has the real deal. Only way I know to check ownership would be through the title and perhaps more importantly the NOTARIZED Bill of Sale with the Red "Alan Jackson" header at the top. Only other way I know to confirm chain of ownership would be to have the man himself give you his word but even this would be hard to match up all the numbers to say definitively. Hope this helps! Keep us informed on what you find out would be interesting to know! Early welcome to the club if it's legit! Thank you to HONDAATVFORUMS.NET Forums for giving us a platform to discuss cool ATV history like this!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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