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Chain thru case..

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My chain jumped and went thru the case yesterday.:icon_ cry: I sprayed it with brake clean to get the oil off and the hole is very..very small. It appears to not have been the first time because it looks like some JB weld on that area( i bought it used) I was looking for some input- tips- on possibly reapplying JB to it. Dont wanna replace the case right now cause im planning a complete top end rebuild in the near future but dont wanna not ride till then. Anything to be weary of????
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Clean and sand it down so the old jbweld is scuffed good mix up a batch and cover it up, it will hold if not cracked to bad and not a stressful area,
What year quad do you have? i have a set of cases for an 06 up that could be made back to good cases the saddle were the cam chain guide goes behind the flywheel broke have the piece can be tig welded and be good as new and one bolt hole on bottom near where the oil drain plug is small external crack not through the case, new set of cases will cost around $500 i will take $125 for these plus shipping
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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