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CDI boxes

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I `ve been thinking about the Big Gun cdi but ive been trolling..kinda cheating on y`all..around other forums and i got caught up in one where these guys were bashing the crap outta them. Anyone have or had one? Any other suggestions on revs would be greatly app. Thanx guys
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Its so tight that i had my brother sitting on it to keep it from lifting while i heated and lifted...i dont know what to do..
I would try to get the proper wrench, because if the pipe wrench is squeezing the nut and binding it, the harder you pull on the pipe wrench, the tighter it's going to squeeze.
Yeah..after the heat and PB blaster...thats all i can think is bind.
after reading this....i just hadddddddd to ask..are you turning the nut in the right direction ??..just thought you might be turning it the wrong way..and tightening it more !
No...not going the wrong way..thanx tho! LOL...still cant get it to move..
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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