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CDI boxes

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I `ve been thinking about the Big Gun cdi but ive been trolling..kinda cheating on y`all..around other forums and i got caught up in one where these guys were bashing the crap outta them. Anyone have or had one? Any other suggestions on revs would be greatly app. Thanx guys
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Cool..thanx for the input..i find it hard to believe that there would be so many of them out there if they sucked but i hate to spend cash on things without the facts! Anything i should do with it or is it as they claim..Plug and roll?
So its worth the cash...i just think 1st and 2nd are real short..i do alot of trail and woods riding and it seems that in 2nd the RPM`s are too high and in 3rd i have no throttle response/lack of power..just looking to help that out and i was told that the Big Gun would really change all that...true or false? the combination of both along with the K&N i have and the pipe I`m getting will make the changes I`m shootin for?
So i just ordered a renthal 14 budget is kinda low..single dad.. what do you recomend as far as a HP gaining slip on or is it not worth it and should i just save and wait longer and get the whole pipe? Doese the header help that much? i do alot of trail and woods riding like i said removing the airbox lid is scary to about drilling some large holes..or do i just put on a outerware and not sweat it? I avoid water and mud like the plague but still..sometimes ya cant avoid it.ALSO..i posted in brakes and suspension about my lock nut being stuck..i tried spraying it for days..then MAP gas..still nothing..notta budge in either direction..anything? The worse part is that my rotar is i gotta do something quick..qanna go away over the holiday..Thanx for all the help so far too man!
Its really stuck man...i`m afraid i might have to cut it off..good old Die grinder..dont wanna do that though..i dont have the proper wrench and i`m wondering if using a pipe wrench might be squishing the nut and binding it up against the threads..but i gotta have some leverage so i`m stumped..yeah..if i drill some holes do i have to jet right away or will the extra airflow help regardless?
Its so tight that i had my brother sitting on it to keep it from lifting while i heated and lifted...i dont know what to do..
Yeah..after the heat and PB blaster...thats all i can think is bind.
No...not going the wrong way..thanx tho! LOL...still cant get it to move..
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