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CDI box for 2004 honda trx350 tm 2wd

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Ok, so I bought an 04" trx350 and it ran perfectly fine. It needed valve adjustment and some breaks. About two days later, the cdi went out. It was an HN4 cdi with no wires attached to it. So bought a chinese cdi box on amazon, it arrived. It had wires (green and white) but I didnt attach them because there was nowhere to attach them to. It cranked and started up just fine. Used it for around two minutes and put it back in my garage to put all the plastics back on. About 5 mins later when the plastics were on, I went to turn it back on, it idled rough. As soon as I hit the gas it would bog and die. I was extremely confused as to how the carb would just fail in a matter of minutes. I tried again and it would backfire and it got to the point where it wouldn't even start. Not even starter fluid would help. Keep in mind that this all took place in my garage in around 10 minutes. I figured the carb was the problem so I took it off and looked inside. It was horrible. One jet was clogged and I cleaned it to the best of my ability. I thought it would help. But it did the exact same thing as before. So I bought a chinese carb (I know it's a waste of money) I put it on and got it to idle rough and bog down yet again. So I decided to get a used OEM carb from a local atv repair shop. It was pretty dirty but I put it on anyway and had the same outcome yet again. I figured some jets were clogged and opened it up. It was exponentially cleaner than the one it came with but still was just a bit dirty. I cleaned it and put it back on. It still wont start hardly. It may barely start and bog up and backfire. I need help because I've put three carbs and a new cdi on this thing and it wont even idle without bogging. Im afraid of investing in a brand new OEM carb and having the same outcome. Could it be the cdi or my ignition cable. It is getting spark and all but its relatively weak compared to my kawasaki bayou 250. I just dont think it's a carb issue because it just stopped working out of the blue. It may possibly be the chinese cdi box. Help please!!!
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