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CDI Box blew

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I have a 1990 fourtrax 300 that was not getting any spark, the plug is good (tested on other four wheeler) and I replaced the wire going from plug to cdi box. I dod not get any spark and put on cheap cdi box (did not know importance of poem at time). It immediately smokes and blew during start. Do I need a new oem cdi box or is the old one possibly good and the problem is something else?
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There are 3 generations of TRX300 and at least three part numbers of CDI.

Why did you change the wire? Was it broken?

If i thot the CDI was bad i would heat in an oven at 200F—for at least 3 hours—connector side up. Not hotter, but longer would be OK. Let it cool completely before you take it out.
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