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Im looking for a performance cdi for a 2002 trx300ex with a jetted carb, and k&n air filter. I just like going fast and straight lol. I've noticed different stage cdi, I'm currently looking into stage 2 and 3. What is the best cdu for getting max speed out of these bikes? Alot of people recommends ricks cdi. But does he have stages? Or is he removing the rev limiter? Should i just stick with buying his since his has the most positive reviews? I plan to put a hot cam stage 2 in the bike spring 2019.

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Best advice to give you is to call or email Ricks (see link), avoid eBay and Amazon as all are China junk and will trash your ATV and quite possibly cause an electrical fire! They really can be that bad!

Speak to ricks...
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