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Carburetor settings

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A friend brought me a carburetor off of a Honda TRX 250TM6 four wheeler. She says she cannot find a number stamped onto the engine, but there is a sticker that says...Engine# TE21E-9003563. The carburetor is a Keihin. Markings on it are KTB, PD, C1F (A) EBK. There is a pilot screw on the bottom adjacent to the bowl, and what I think is an air mixture screw on the side of the carb body. I have cleaned the carb, and cannot find the settings for these two screws. Before I took them out, I closed them all the way. It took just shy of 4 turns to close the pilot, and 2 1/2 turns to close the screw on the side of the carb. Any help would be appreciated.


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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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