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Carb Tuning Information

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I found this How-To on tuning a cv carb I know there are millions of ways but I figured this would help explain things a little better.

Special thanks to Marc Salvisberg of for providing the literature and knowledge

CV Carb Tuning Procedures
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I spoke to the guy who wrot this article, all I can say is he's sharp he knows his stuff. I actually followed his steps in the artical It took about 2 hours and it got dark but I got the top pulling hardr than it ever has. I'm working on the needle settings, I found this carb to have had a jet kit installed and they left the tiny washer off the top of the Needle, I moved my clip on direction now I'm going to move the other way, I still have a slight stumble at mid throttle. But so far everything is working according to this write-up.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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