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Carb trouble HELP!!!

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How do I remove the carburetor from a 2002 350 Rancher ES 4x4
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Welcome to the forums. First, remove the snorkel from the airbox and remove the airbox by loosening the clamp at the back of the carb where it goes into the airbox. Next, remove the single bolt that holds the airbox in and remove the airbox. The bolt that holds it in, is located on the main bottom of the box.

Unhook the gas hose going to the tank. Unscrew the choke cable from the carb and remove the starter enrichment valve (choke plunger). Be careful pulling it out, because it's made of brass and is real easy to break off where the cable hooks to it. Unplug the carb heater. Remove the black, plastic throttle linkage cover (one screw). Now, unscrew the locknut and unscrew the throttle cable from the carb body and unhook the throttle cable from the carb linkage. Lastly, loosen the front clamp that holds the carb to the intake boot and pull the carb out. You may have to wiggle and twist it a little to get the carb out.

BTW, you will probably have to remove the black plastic side covers to get to everything.
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