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Carb needle valve

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I'm still struggling to find an OEM needle valve for my trx250a, the aftermarket variants work but are only lasting a short amount of time, I'm assuming the rubber tips are made as cheaply as possible and are passing fuel somehow. Very annoying..
Does anybody know if trx300 fourtrax are the same size/taper? I don't have one to try but would be such a simple fix if they are the same. Or, are any other Honda ATV's needle valves the same size/fitment?
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just buy a carb rebuild kit !! shindy or moose brands are good, I've used both in the past, but I favor shindy over moose.
I've never used Shindy, is that an American brand? I manage to get hold of Moose products off eBay and from some U.K. Dealers.

I've used 3 moose valves and used the 250 for 5 to 10 mins, parked it up, tried it again a few days later and happy days I'd cured the issue. 3 weeks later.... start it up leave it ticking over for a few minutes... fuel everywhere! I've tried 3 of these now and 1 other brand, it may have been all balls I can't remember now.

As you all know, I've had this carb apart and cleaned that many times i could do it blindfolded now.its definitely clean, I have no doubts at all. All I can think is that it's the quality of the valve or the carb is simply worn out due to age.

I don't really want to buy a new carb (unless I really have to) as I'm planning on selling the 250 and putting the money towards a nice example of a 350d. OEM is my last option really.
Made a mistake in my parts search Sam , mistake fixed :grin
No problem at all bud, you found what I was looking for. Thank you ;-)
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I think Sam is looking to find an OEM only, so he can fix it right this time. He's tired of replacing the aftermarket garbage.
I've not once had a problem with shindy carb kits, and I have used tons of them through the years. it very well can be a worn valve seat ?.
Good point! No doubt the seat is worn too, seeing as its over 30 years old. I'd bet an OEM valve would fix it though.
I'm hoping it does cure it retro. The only spare carb I had isn't in the best shape. I think I posted or did a thread on it, the mixture screw sheeted off flush with the carb housing, it had been used in the sea all of its life and the salt water really had taken its toll. Either way, a new (to me) carb is have to ship from the USA or spend the same at a machine shop having the mixture screw machined out.
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