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Carb needle valve

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I'm still struggling to find an OEM needle valve for my trx250a, the aftermarket variants work but are only lasting a short amount of time, I'm assuming the rubber tips are made as cheaply as possible and are passing fuel somehow. Very annoying..
Does anybody know if trx300 fourtrax are the same size/taper? I don't have one to try but would be such a simple fix if they are the same. Or, are any other Honda ATV's needle valves the same size/fitment?
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I found a few, wow! Pricey, Sam pm me if your intrested 16012-ha8-003 i can't advise if. 300 will work
Made a mistake in my parts search Sam , mistake fixed :grin
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Your more then welcome ;-)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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